RCM CAD DESIGN DRAFTING LTD is an architectural design firm primarily specializing in log and timber construction projects since 1993.  Now with over one thousand designs completed in North America, Europe, Asia, including projects in Central / South America and New Zealand, our experience encompasses very diverse weather conditions and local building practices.  Our expertise also includes cordwood, straw and clay, straw bale, insulated concrete form (ICF), conventional frame and steel construction styles.

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Our latest software and powerful computer hardware allow us to virtually build a 3D model of your future home. We are then able to produce high quality 3D movies and animations of your future home.This powerful visual tool allows you to “visit” your home inside and out. which gives you the ability to make all of the right decisions concerning your home. Therefore, YOU are in control instead of being in the dark during the design process.

Those of us who have had a chance to live in a log home describe the experience as one of security and serenity. The massive log walls surrounding us muffle the exterior noises and make us feel calm. More than any other type of construction, a log home is a healthy sanctuary, exuding strength and stability, protecting us from nature’s extremes.

Unlike steel, concrete, glass, vinyl and drywall so common in today’s homes, wood feels good to touch. Wood is the noble material of our ancestors. Its colors and textures are soothing to our soul. Its unique character and endless beauty is one of nature’s most fascinating masterpieces.

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