*Please note: Names and other vital information have either been modified or removed for our clients privacy.*

Dear Cyril, We received your roof plans for our home. As always, your work is superbly crafted and on time. Thank you for such a professional product.

Along those lines, I have to tell you that I was pouring over our house plans today, coloring in flooring, thinking about final lighting, and basically dreaming about what a wonderful home this is going to be. Contemplating the details of our home, it struck me as to what a fine job you did for us. There is hidden creativity everywhere. The architectural interest that you have designed into this home is simple but at the same time nothing short of majestic. The ridge poles, purlins and trusses you integrated into our ceilings alone will give each room the feeling that the ceiling is floating in air. From the outside the home is so balanced, so symmetrical, that it will appear to have grown there. We can’t wait to move in.

Cyril, I have learned through this process that designing and building a log home is not a simple thing. There are structural and mechanical problems that the solid wall of the log home presents that other types of construction do not encounter. You found simple but astute solutions for plumbing problems, window placement, and roof lines that those who tour our home will never see or truly appreciate. I guess that is the hallmark of a great design.

When choosing a log package provider and designer, we were bombarded with offers. Everybody we talked to had the best logs, the best construction, the best designers. We probably visited 20 homes, either finished or under construction. At one time we must have had 200 pounds of brochures and floor plans! I kid you not, it was almost overwhelming. You have made the process easy, enjoyable, rewarding and FUN!

This will be the last house we ever build. When you build something for the rest of your life, it had better be strong and special. This house will be strongly special.

Thanks for everything.

Mark & Elizabeth – Idaho

We had Cyril design our log home for a piece of lakefront property in the Caribou district of British Columbia. The home he designed was creative, reflecting the unique characteristics of the property. He was responsive to our requests and he completed his work in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the final plans.

Greg and Nancy – Vancouver

Dear Cyril:

We just wanted to write to say thank you for all your help and support in designing our log home. As we are living in Japan, we thought it might be a challenge to communicate exactly what we wanted and concerned about the logistics of the whole design process via long distance. We were extremely pleased with the professionalism of your company and staff, and the quick response to all our queries and requests. We have also had great feedback from our log home builder and general contractor who were most impressed with the design and detail of the plans.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needed design work for a log home, and especially via long distance.

Thanks once again for everything!

Steve and Kim – Narita, Japan

We would like to let you know that we are all very impressed by the design of the house and the professionalism you treated the whole project. Being so far, in Greece, and doing the whole process through internet, at the beginning we were a little concerned if the process would be successful; but it turned out that it was much smoother, faster and artistic than we ever thought. Especially your treatment of the design to accommodate the height restrictions of the area was impressive. Even more, the design of the concrete basement of the house has been excellent.

Your professionalism and interest towards our project went a little beyond the objectives of your assignment, when you took time to visit and talk to our builder on construction details and we appreciate that.

We would recommend RCM to anybody for three reasons: artistic, engineering and professionalism.

Again thank you and we will keep you updated with pictures.

Best regards

Athanasios – Greece

Cyril, Our log home is done and we moved in! It is SOO beautiful and your design was brilliant. I’ve attached a few photos for you and feel free to use them. We made a few minor changes to the final design:

Thanks for all of your design work on our dream home.

Best regards

John & Hollie – Washington State

Dear Cyril,

John and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the outstanding job that you did in helping us to design our dream home. We never imagined that the process would run so smoothly, which we attribute to your expertise and professionalism.

Throughout the endless changes and variations that we imposed upon our plans, you were able to capture the true essence of our dream home and make it a reality. All the while, remaining sensitive to timelines and budget constraints.

We’ve heard many stories about the nightmares of designing and building your own home, however, our experience through the design phase has been nothing but pleasant. We cannot recall one negative experience thus far! We are encouraged that our process will continue in this manner.

We would be delighted to act as a reference on your behalf in the future. As a matter of fact, when we hear of others interested in designing a log home, John and I enthusiastically speak the praises of RCM Cad Design and Drafting Ltd.

If we had to start the whole process over, we wouldn’t change one thing!

Thanks again for everything! We’ve really enjoyed working with you! We hope that you will be able to make a visit to our home when it is completed.


John and Kryss – WA.

Cyril, Thank you so much for the great log home you designed for us. In  there are many beautiful log homes, but the 10,000 s.f. log home you designed for us is more beautiful than any of over 100 log homes that we have looked at.

You and your staff were very timely, and the pleasure to work with. It is evident that you and your staff love what you do and that making a client satisfied is a high priority. Being that I am an engineer I am somewhat of a perfectionist and hard to please, but your designs, drawings, and 3-D solid modeling, isometric view of the log system, and computer renderings exceeded my expectations. I would be happy to be a reference for your architectural design company. Your clients should feel fee to call me.

Thanks again

Bronko – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Good morning Tyler and Cyril

The plans look great. We are so excited about this home and everyone who saw us looking at those plans stopped to look also.
I gave your phone number many times and wait until it is finished, we are gonna keep you guys busy!

Thanks for everything.

Elane – New Mexico