RCM CAD DESIGN DRAFTING LTD is a building design firm primarily specializing in log and timber construction projects since 1993.  Now with over one thousand designs completed in North America, Europe, Asia, including projects in Central / South America and Australia /Oceania, our experience encompasses very diverse weather conditions and local building practices.  Our expertise also includes cordwood, straw and clay, straw bale, insulated concrete form (ICF), conventional frame and steel construction styles.*

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At RCM Cad Design, we are adding 3d walk throughs of our Log Home Designs both inside and out, for you to download and to view at your convenience. Our latest software and powerful computer hardware allows us to virtually build a 3D model and animations of your future home using a program called BIMx .

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Our Plan of the Month: Clover Leaf

Clover leaf is (395 m2) 4255 sq. ft. total living space (main and second floor) log piece en piece construction type home to be built in eastern Europe this year.

The Clover leaf name comes from looking at the house shape from a bird eye view. It just happened that way…

No settling situation here as this is basically a log post and beam construction with horizontal log fillers.

Customers wished for an elliptical shaped home with a half round tower for the view room inspired by our Spyglass project.
The wide cantilevered roof covered entry porch is designed to draw the visitor in the house.
We designed to maximum locally allowed footprint of 250 m2.
We used massive timber kneebraces all over for a distinct architectural style and also because we could not use log post support at exterior levels because that would have been counted in the footprint area.
This is a complex house to design and to build because of all the angles but it is so unique!
Basement has a winery, workout room, spa, dressing room, mechanical , large pantry, laundry and extra kitchen with a coal fired oven for bread making.
The split stairs gives a grandiose feel to the foyer with a massive elliptical brick two way fireplace with three flue chimney at centre.
One guest bedroom on main floor for older guest and four bedroom suites including a shared kids bunk room at front of house.
The dining room is sided by the central brick fireplace and the fire pit at view room for a spectacular set up in winter.
View to the lake below is at back with a three sided deck at main floor and two second floor decks for both master suites at second floor with windows overlooking the inside of the house main floor.
The roof log beam structure is just a jaw dropping sight with structural log trusses and massive timber knee bracing up high at ceiling.
We cannot wait to share with all of you finished photos of this exciting project in a couple of years from now…

Our top nine log and timber construction styles with sample designs

Full Scribe Handcrafted

1004 sq. ft - Rocky Mountain

Milled Log

4901 sq. ft - Yuyao Clubhouse

Post and Beam

2570 sq. ft - Forbidden Plateau

Half and Half

1054 sq. ft - Mountain Ridge

Piece en Piece

1942 sq. ft - Carpathian


1786 sq. ft - Barrier

Butt and Pass

2398 sq. ft - Kansas

Timber/Log Decor

5845 sq. ft - Big Stone Bay

Timber Frame

2278 sq. ft - Harrison Timber Frame

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*Certain projects constructed in British Columbia require the involvement of an architect.

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