RCM CAD DESIGN DRAFTING LTD is a building design firm primarily specializing in log and timber construction projects since 1993.  Now with over one thousand designs completed in North America, Europe, Asia, including projects in Central / South America and Australia /Oceania, our experience encompasses very diverse weather conditions and local building practices.  Our expertise also includes cordwood, straw and clay, straw bale, insulated concrete form (ICF), conventional frame and steel construction styles.*

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At RCM Cad Design, we are adding 3d walk throughs of our Log Home Designs both inside and out, for you to download and to view at your convenience. Our latest software and powerful computer hardware allows us to virtually build a 3D model and animations of your future home using a program called BIMx .

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Our Plan of the Month: Vertical Log Cabin

This is our first vertical log construction project in over 30 years designing log homes!  While attending log home shows I did run into a couple of displays thru the years.  This is an owner build and it will be a year round home in Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy area.  Client already got the logs with diameters from 12” for corner posts to 8.5” average for vertical log fillers for walls.  The vertical logs are flattened at each sides to fit with next log using 1×4 spline board.  P-foam gasket is installed vertically at inside and outside contact line.  Chinking will be applied later to cover the widening vertical gap between logs as they dry and shrink in diameter.  A 2-2×6 top plate is used to lock the logs at top.
This design uses attic manufactured frame trusses to add a living space within roof for a master suite and sitting / music room.  This low budget log cabin is sitting on a well insulated concrete slab on grade.  Footprint is under 600 square feet with a 442 SF for second floor.  The attic trusses extend 4’ beyond log wall below to create a dry covered walkway patio around the cabin.
This is great weather protection for the main floor log work!

Our top nine log and timber construction styles with sample designs

Full Scribe Handcrafted

1004 sq. ft - Rocky Mountain

Milled Log

4901 sq. ft - Yuyao Clubhouse

Post and Beam

2570 sq. ft - Forbidden Plateau

Half and Half

1054 sq. ft - Mountain Ridge

Piece en Piece

1942 sq. ft - Carpathian


1786 sq. ft - Barrier

Butt and Pass

2398 sq. ft - Kansas

Timber/Log Decor

5845 sq. ft - Big Stone Bay

Timber Frame

2278 sq. ft - Harrison Timber Frame

Planning your new log or timber home design project? Please email us at rcmcad@loghomedesign.ca with your questions!

*Certain projects constructed in British Columbia require the involvement of an architect.