R.C.M. CAD DESIGN DRAFTING LTD is an building design firm primarily specializing in log and timber construction projects. We feature over 150 of our most creative designs categorized by living space total square footage.

Many of our smaller home designs – 1500 to 2000 Square Feet are now available as STUDY PLANS you can buy using your credit card with PayPal.

Please Note: The study set of plans is meant to be a working tool for future home owners to mark up with ideas and changes to discuss with R.C.M. Cad Design. The sale of the study set of plans does not include any right or permission to use the study set of plans for drafting plans, nor for construction, nor for resale. All plans are protected under copyright.

As soon as PayPal payment is confirmed we will email you PDF files of construction set of plans so you may plot as many paper copies as you need for one construction project only, under customer’s name.

If you wish to apply changes to original design, apply local plan review redlines (example: California) and engineering redlines, email us a full list of changes and we will email you a quote for the work.

Almost all our design work is custom, to fit our customer’s needs, wants and budget, land topography and orientation to view and sun.

Our study plans include the following information:

  • Four coloured renderings of the home
  • Minimum two elevations with dimensions
  • Floor Plans with dimensions
  • The following permission: You are permitted to print a to-scale set of plans onto 2’x3′ paper (at your local printer), and/or to print them onto letter-size paper

If you have any questions regarding these floor plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click on the images below to see a larger version of the 1500 to 2000 Square Feet floor plans.
Dining Hall
1500 Sq. Ft.
(139.3 sq m)
Eagle River
1501 Sq. Ft.
(139.4 sq m)
Willkomm Contemporary
1512 Sq. Ft.
(140.5 sq m)
Sheep Creek
1527 Sq. Ft.
(141.8 sq m)

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Snowflake Tower
1530 Sq. Ft.
(142.1 sq m)
1581 Sq. Ft.
(146.9 sq m)
1612 Sq. Ft.
(149.7 sq m)
Log Nest
1620 Sq. Ft.
(150.5 sq m)

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1626 Sq. Ft.
(151.0 sq m)

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More Styles

1656 Sq. Ft.
(153.8 sq m)

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1670 Sq. Ft.
(155.1 sq m)

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1688 Sq. Ft.
(156.8 sq m)
1700 Sq. Ft.
(157.9 sq m)
Burgess Falls
1707 Sq. Ft.
(158.6 sq m)
1736 Sq. Ft.
(161.2 sq m)
1736 Sq. Ft.
(161.2 sq m)
Straw Bale House
1744 Sq. Ft.
(162.0 sq m)
Sunshine Valley
1763 Sq. Ft.
(163.8 sq m)
1770 Sq. Ft.
(164.4 sq m)
Eagle Nest
1777 Sq. Ft.
(165.0 sq m)
Carpathian Final
1783 Sq. Ft.
(165.6 sq m)
1786 Sq. Ft.
(164.9 sq m)
1788 Sq. Ft.
(166.0 sq m)
Seward AK
1792 Sq. Ft.
(166.5 sq m)
Baby Hemlock
1797 Sq. Ft.
(166.9 sq m)
Hunting Cabin
1798 Sq. Ft.
(167.0 sq m)
The Great Aspen Mountain
1800 Sq. Ft.
(167.2 sq m)
Sakinaw Lake
1850 Sq. Ft.
(171.8 sq m)
Green Lake
1870 Sq. Ft.
(173.7 sq m)
1879 Sq. Ft.
(174.6 sq m)
1880 Sq. Ft.
(174.6 sq m)
Sun Peaks
1885 Sq. Ft.
(175.1 sq m)
Lookout Ridge
1895 Sq. Ft.
(176.0 sq m)

More Styles

Fox Walk
1909 Sq. Ft.
(177.3 sq m)
Logan Lake
1917 Sq. Ft.
(178.0 sq m)
Dentist Office
1924 Sq. Ft.
(178.7 sq m)
Medieval Castle
1930 Sq. Ft.
(179.3 sq m)
Green Gully Australia
1938 Sq. Ft.
(180.0 sq m)
1983 Sq. Ft.
(184.2 sq m)
Chippewa Falls
1990 Sq. Ft.
(184.8 sq m)
Pine Grove
1999 Sq. Ft.
(185.7 sq m)