RCM CAD Design Drafting Ltd is an Log & Timber Frame building design firm that takes pride in our room layout and our knowledge of structural and aesthetics. RCM makes the entire process effortless and enjoyable, from obtaining a building permit to completion of your dream log home.

With our 29 years of experience we have specialized exclusively with handcrafted log, post and beam, timber frame and log decor buildings of all size. Our jobs have regularly been referred to us by our various contacts including log home builders and general contractors all over the USA, Canada and overseas. RCM’s expertise designing quality log and timber homes is well known within the log home building industry. Often we have welcomed projects directly from future log home owners who have found us by searching the internet.

Those of us who have had a chance to live in a log home describe the experience as one of security and serenity. The massive log walls surrounding us muffle the exterior noises and make us feel calm. More than any other type of construction, a log home is a healthy sanctuary, exuding strength and stability, protecting us from nature’s extremes.

Unlike steel, concrete, glass, vinyl and drywall so common in today’s homes, wood feels good to touch. Wood is the noble material of our ancestors. Its colors and textures are soothing to our soul. Its unique character and endless beauty is one of nature’s most fascinating masterpieces.

29 years ago, Cyril created and established RCM CAD DESIGN AND DRAFTING. Cyril’s qualifications include two years of structural engineering at the University of Montreal and Cyril also graduated in Architectural design from the University of Fraser Valley in 1993.

Gemma graduated from the University of Fraser Valley Architectural Design and Drafting Program in 2001 and has worked as a Log/Timber Home Designer exclusively for RCM CAD DESIGN ever since. Since 2006 Gemma is a proud partner and owner in the firm.

Tyler graduated from the University of Fraser Valley Architectural Design and Drafting Program 2001 and has worked as a Log/Timber Home Designer exclusively for RCM CAD DESIGN ever since. Since 2006 Tyler is a proud partner and owner of the firm.

Jill is our bookkeeper and Office Administrator.  She has been with RCM CAD Design since 2014.

Cristina studied photography and film at Nova Scotia college of Art & Design as well as at Emily Carr college of Art and Design.  She has 35 years experience working in the film industry.  Since September 2020 she is employed full time at RCM CAD Design as our graphic designer, specializing in the production of all our Twin Motion movies.

RCM CAD Design Drafting Ltd’s reputation is built on our customers satisfaction and our ability to complete each log home design project quickly. We ensure our design reflects our customers wants and needs within the planned budget. RCM’s ability to produce a full set of preliminary designs ready for preliminary quotes from log builders and general contractors within two to three weeks is what sets us apart from most design companies. The teamwork within our office combined with our experience with these designs have allowed us, in extreme cases, to complete projects within a few weeks.

Our latest software and powerful computer hardware allow us to virtually build a 3D model of your future home. We are then able to produce high quality 3D movies and animations of your future home.This powerful visual tool allows you to “visit” your home inside and out. which gives you the ability to make all of the right decisions concerning your home. Therefore, YOU are in control instead of being in the dark during the design process.

If you are unsure how to begin, look through our extensive floor plan section for some ideas, you might even find a home design you like. Changes can be applied to any of our designs, or you can describe your ideas to us and create a custom home or Timber Frame design to suit your needs.