At RCM Cad Design, we are adding 3d walk throughs of our Log Home Designs both inside and outside, for you to download and to view in the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

Our latest software and powerful computer hardware allows us to virtually build a 3D model of your future home. We are then able to produce high quality 3D movies and animations of your future home using a program called BIMx.

As we add more BIMx files to our floor plans, you will notice a small icon next to the floor plan which is shown below as a green eye, so if you click on these links next to the floor plans, they will allow you to download the BIMx file to your device and proceed with a tour of your given Log Home Design.

BIMx Walkthru

The video below will show you an example of this software and the navigation will work on your mobile devices.

The video below will show you an example of this software and the navigation will work on your desktop computer.

*Please note: We do not link our 2d floor plans directly to the BIMx files. The 2d floor plans can be purchased seperately from the link on the right with Paypal.

How to download the free viewer for either Windows or Mac?

In order to view the BIMx files RCM Cad provides, you will need to install a free BIMx file viewer first, as described below for your particular operating system.

MAC BIM-x version

To open the .bimx file on an iPad or iPhone you need to go to the Appstore on your device and search for Bimx. This should take you to Graphisoft’s BIMx app which is free. Simply install the app on your device and then you will be able to open the .bimx file.

WINDOWS BIM-x version

Follow Graphisoft link below to download the free viewer exe file.
Go to International English and click on BIM-X Desktop Viewer for Windows (29.3 MB)
Please Click Here

Operating System minimum requirements

CPU – Windows: Intel® Pentium 4 or higher
Mac: Macintosh with any Intel processor
Multicore processor is recommended to exploit ArchiCAD 13 performance capabilities.
2 GB of RAM is required. 4 GB or more is recommended for complex models.
Hard Drive
Minimum of 1 GB free hard disk space is required.
Display – Resolution of 1280*1024 or higher.
Video card – Open GL 1.4 and DirectX 9 compatible graphics card with 256 MB or
more on-board video memory is recommended to fully exploit hardware acceleration capabilities.

How to navigate the walkthru?

The CONTROLS menu displays the list of the basic navigation commands and their keyboard shortcuts. Most of these functions are self-explanatory and commonly used in first-person shooter computer games (FPS).

Functions Keyboard Shortcut

Movement: W,S, A, D and the Arrow keys
Move Fast: SHIFT
Move Slow: CONTROL
Crouch: ALT

Fly Mode: F
Info Tool: I
Measure Tool: M
Outlines: O
Sun Shadows: F3
Screenshot: F5
Parallel View: F8

Desktop Viewer Shortcuts