We were fortunate to find Cyril to design our log home. His sense of design, proportion and aesthetics was remarkably strong and on target, saving us multiple steps of trial and error, and uncertainty.

He readily took our ideas and applied them to create a polished, finished product. His knowledge of the fundamentals of design and construction are impressive and were immensely helpful to us as owner-builders. Cyril exclusively designs log homes, and he was generously forthcoming with helpful suggestions from his extensive knowledge and experience related to this type of construction. His choice of structural engineer to complement his design skills, was also excellent. Together, they made an unbeatable team to successfully navigate us through the challenges of acquiring our building permit. We live in a state where the architectural code requirements made for a long and onerous process to obtain a permit, and both Cyril and his partner Tyler were there for us every step of the way. Our log builder frequently collaborates with Cyril, and could not be more capable, professional, congenial and “getter-doner”, as he calls it. Our cabin turned out exactly how we wanted it and could be comfortable with, and certain aspects of it, such as where the ridgepoles and purlins of the two gables intersect with the trusses, are breathtakingly beautiful in the purity of their geometric lines.

Our design goals and tastes were unusual, and required an unusual degree of sensitivity, imagination, ingenuity and ability to execute. When we did the computerized walk-through of our virtual house, the technology was not only thrilling and magical, but also allowed us to see areas that needed some modification. Throughout this process, Cyril was calm, sensitive, steadfast and available. There were a couple of areas that needed creative solutions, and over the course of three revisions we gradually honed our house down to its final form, with Cyril and his team providing expert and responsive support each step of the way.

Overall, our experience was pleasurable rather than frustrating, as it could have been. We would unhesitatingly recommend Cyril to anyone interested in building a custom log home. His design abilities are exceptionally good, and the implementation is solid and reliable.