“Working with RCM was a pleasure.  Their process was efficient and effective.  Their use of technology allowed me to move from my own crude drawings to CAD floor plans and exterior views of the Lodge.  Further their 3D virtual tour software provided myself and my contractor with the ability to “fly” through the house on a virtual basis.

In the end, the upfront design efforts by RCM has led to an implementation and construction of a very large lodge whereby we have not encountered one mistake.  Mistakes equal more money so the upfront investment with RCM has been worth every dollar with respect to the fees associated with their services.

Further, the Lodge is located just north of Kingston, Ontario.  The timber frame manufacturer is based in Tweed, Ontario. RCM is located in Chilliwack and I was based in Vancouver.  RCM did not visit the construction site nor did it meet with my Kingston based contractor.  Everything was executed by way emails and conference calls.  It was a seamless, effective and efficient process.  Travel costs were not an issue as there weren’t any since face to face meetings were not necessary.

My endorsement of RCM is 100%.

Ultimately, I am a very satisfied customer.  Construction of a large Lodge is a good venue for frustration and stress, but this has not been the case for me.

Cyril – Merci pour tout les choses.”

All the best,