After almost a year of looking at plans we finally had a good idea of what we wanted.  We decided to engage RCM CAD and Cyril to design our cabin based on the quality of work visible on the web.  If you look closely you will see Cyril and RCM CAD’s work all over the web being used by a number of log builders.  From the very first day Cyril was fabulous to work with.  We were looking to design a relatively small cabin that was both functional on the inside and beautiful on the outside from every direction.  Cyril took our ideas and transformed them into something even better than we dreamed.  We had animated drawings of our plans, mostly complete, in less than a week.  It is amazing how close those very first pictures were to the final product.  I can’t imagine the process going any better than it did and would recommend RCM CAD design to anyone.

Best regards