Dear Cyril and Tyler,

Who says building your own custom log home has to be a headache? On the contrary, it can be an exciting and enjoyable experience.  All you need is one star player on your team. That’s what I found when I was introduced to RCM CAD Design and Drafting by my log contractor.

I  truly do have something to be thankful about because my project could have easily been compromised by bureaucratic zealots and misdirected ancillary consultants, had it not been for Cyril and his crew.

I began with an idea for a modest 2300 square foot home that I wanted to build in the foothills of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. I approached several architects locally, and none wanted to touch my project if logs were involved. Then, despite initial assurances, my plans for a log home were ultimately rejected by a very fussy City Planning Department.  Moreover, the consultants that I later hired to take the project through the city had no real interest in building the type of home I wanted.  They just wanted to finish a “whatever” plan in order to clear me from their plate of responsibilities.

This is where RCM Cad Design and Drafting stepped forward and kept my project and presence of mind on track. The drew my custom log home exactly as I wanted and made suggestions to improve the project. My initial worries that long distance relationship with their Canadian location might be cumbersome proved baseless, as I received my plans with a CD 3 Dimensional prototype within just two weeks of contacting them.  Then, when the city rejected the log home that they had initially drawn for me, and transformed it into a hybrid combining a city-mandated-stucco-structure and an expressive-interior-log-accent-design-with-interior-log-walls.  Their hybrid design really salvaged my dreams and allayed my anxiety.

As my project proceeded, the difference between RCM and everyone else involved in the planning of my home could not have been more stark.  RCM treated me and my project with respect, while the city planners and consultants placed no value on my dreams nor sensitivity for my dilemma.

This is what set RCM apart form all others – their understanding of importance of respect is manifested in many ways.  First, they were always courteous.  Believe me, I made many changes and many phone calls, and they never made me talk to a machine nor did they ever keep me waiting on hold on the telephone. Also, they never made me feel foolish about any of the changes that I made on my plans.  That’s respect!

I always had the feeling that they wanted me to get the kind of home that I really wanted. This showed respect for my dreams. real respect.  And even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted, the made design suggestions that clarified my thinking. My 2300 sq.ft. home expanded to 2800 sq.ft.  They took the time to get me there.

When people listen to you carefully, they show you respect.  This is how the got the details of my house correct. And this is how they got the relationship correct.  And just like a log home, that’s the real thing.

Thanks again.