Dear Cyril:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for allowing our dream of an addition to our log home to be realized. You will remember when we first met, we had just completed two disappointing experiences in a row with “so called” log home designers and were quite frustrated by the process. We are still amazed that you were able to review the situation and create an incredibly beautiful design so quickly and efficiently. You were able to accept the challenges of connecting to an existing log structure and create something that is truly beautiful and buildable.

It is quite uncommon these days to find people who return their phone calls and always do what they say they will do… on time! You and your staff have always excelled at this and helped to make the whole process very enjoyable for us. We particularly appreciated the “can do” attitude when it became necessary to solve difficult issues or keep costs in line. Everyone was always very positive and very responsive.

We cannot thank you enough and look forward to seeing you at our house warming party.

Best wishes for continued success.
Yours truly,