Dear Cyril,

We’re sending you this long overdue note to let you know how grateful we are that we chose you to design our dream log cabin. As you know, selecting vendors from the internet can be hit or miss at the best of times. In your case, we hit it out of the park. From the start, you showed a knack for not just hearing us, but truly listening and understanding what we were hoping to achieve. You gave us the benefit of your vast experience, both with design and with sensibility, to ensure a structurally sound and stunning result. You had no hesitation in liaising with our builder on any point, and despite our numerous requests for changes and last-minute add-ons, you showed great patience, enthusiasm and we always felt confident that we were guided by a professional.

We thank you for everything you’ve done for us and look forward to toasting with you once the cabin is finished.

Yours sincerely, Jen and Elan