I had the pleasure to work with Cyril on the design of a vacation log home. After researching designer candidates, I decided to go with Cyril for the following reasons:

–    Cyril offered the best price
–    Cyril’s web page offered several examples of his work
–    I liked the style of Cyril’s designs
–    Cyril seemed very knowledgeable and answered all my questions

Throughout the design process, I was very pleased with the level of attention Cyril gave to my design. He worked closely with my log supplier, and my engineer. Both were very impressed with the quality and completeness of Cyril’s work. John (my engineer) even said “these are the most complete plans I have ever reviewed.” The plans include lots of additional construction notes and details that are very useful. They also include several drawing sections and a 3 dimensional view of the log walls, roof and supporting structures.

Cyril provides lots of opportunities to make design changes. First, I received the preliminary floor plans for review. Then, once these were modified and approved, I was sent a 3 dimensional model of the house on CD-ROM. After the final plans were printed on vellum and shipped to me. I was still allowed to make changes and corrections for no additional charge. Finally, Cyril worked with the engineer to add local building code details to the drawings and sent the revised drawings for final approval, again for no additional charge.

I have a good friend Dave, who is in the process of building a house. He has not been happy with his architect. When I compare his experience to mine, I realize how good Cyril really is. Dave’s architect was more expensive, was difficult to contact, did not respond to all his questions, charged extra for modifications, did not make all the modifications requested and produced an inferior, less complete set of plans. Now that the plans are complete, Dave does not feel comfortable calling the architect with additional construction questions. On the other hand, I feel very welcome to contact Cyril with additional questions and I know he will respond in a timely fashion.

So, to sum it up, Cyril is an outstanding designer/draftsman, offers excellent customer service and a very  competitive price. I am very happy to recommend him. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about choosing Cyril as your designer/draftsman.