Hello,  We are nearing the end of the planning stage and are to soon begin the construction phase of our new log home. I’ve spent more than two years researching the Log Home business prior to selecting Cyril of RCM Cad Design to turn our sketches of our dream log home into construction drawings.

Cyril took my architectural sketches and, using his CAD system, turned them into industry standard construction drawings. Along the way he suggested changes to enhance the design both structurally and aesthetically. The structural changes we agreed with and Cyril was very patient and understanding about our reluctance to change some styling elements, i.e. , he did not force his ideas on us.

Our Structural Engineer added very little to Cyril’s work and admired the quality and completeness of Cyril’s drawings.

During the entire design process Cyril was never hard to contact. He responded to my phone messages and E-mails right away. Whenever he had a question regarding our Log Home he was in my face immediately, he never let the design process languish.

I find Cyril very personable and easy to work with. He listens and advises without patronizing.

I would be happy to discuss Cyril’s qualifications with any of his prospective clients and I do not hesitate to recommend him for the design work of your future log home.

Wishing you the best,