Cyril, From the start I was skeptical about long distance design services. However, I learned very quickly that what I had to give up on distance was compensated for by your experience, patience, and skill. You took my hand sketched floor plans and got into a CAD schematic in one pass. I was really impressed! Further, what is even more impressive is that the original schematic is not all that different from what was finally drawn and constructed.

Our challenges were many; a daunting county plan approval process, a snow load of 250 pounds/square foot, a small site requiring a vertical 3 story solution, a stacked masonry fireplace, uncommon 18 courses of logs, a project with a budget and a schedule destined for catastrophe.

The original design is still intact. The cabin is beautiful; a true work of art.

You and Gemma served me well and I am very grateful.