Hello Cyril,

We were so pleased to locate you after going through a previously bad experience with one of the brand name log home companies who offered “design service”. As novice buyers looking to become log home owners, we had to learn the hard way that those so-called design services were far inferior in quality and craftsmanship, limited in scope and were specifically geared toward a design that worked merely for the purpose of buying there logs. It was a costly learning experience, as we spent $1500 on a “design” that was nothing more than a simple AutoCAD layout from an employee of the log home company – NOT a professional designer with the extensive experience as you are. We most appreciated your extensive knowledge of the entire end-to-end process from design to log package to structural engineering to permit application – but most importantly, that you were experienced with handcrafted log home design. We also most appreciated the time you took to meet with us and our builder in person to discuss the details of our home from the perspective of its livability to match our personal lifestyle (comfort AND utility, aesthetic appeal, design elements to maximize the aspects of the property such as the view, etc.) as well as our budget. This kind of personal attention to detail made us feel that you truly cared about the beauty and value of our home as we did – that you were a trusted partner in the evolution of its design.

Happiest of holidays to you and your family!
Best Regards,