Gemma with RCM C.A.D. design is not only an incredible designer, she is one of the most knowledgeable, honest and personable people I  know.  When we decided to build our forever home, we were directed to consider Gemma (RCM C.A.D), which we decided to go with.   Right from the start she was a GEM 😉.  She was there to answer my calls ( there were many) emails, and visits to go over changes  It is not an easy task, being a first time home builder.  Trust me when I say, when u decide to build your home, u want a Gemma with (RCM C.A.D) in your corner.
Donna & Scott
Donna & Scott – British Columbia

Hi Gemma,  thanks a million, you did an amazing job through the whole process thank you so much it turned out great.

Kevin & Toni – Wisconsin

Thank you for all of your work on these. Amy and I are super happy with how it turned out and it was a pleasure to work with you!

Thanks again Tyler, cheers.

Kolby & Amy – Colorado
I wanted to let you know that I am very glad to have been able to work with your company on my log home design project. Tyler was exceptionally good to deal with and did very good work on the plans.  As a first time log builder this was a seemingly very difficult process, but Tyler made it so much easier and more understandable. I am very grateful for his patience when I was so unfamiliar with everything. I am very glad that I had the luck to call Tyler first from the list of log home designers I had. Its quite likely that I will continue log building and if so I look forward to continue to work with you guys!
Ivor – Saskatchewan

Thank you Cyril

We all have the warmest thoughts about you. Every time we look at the house (for which we still have a lot of work to do), we are amazed with your design, approaches and help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU too.

Thank you very much for everything.

I will definitely send you more pictures within the next couple of days.

Banya – New York

Hi Cyril,

Great to hear from you!

The house looks amazing and we talk about the experience we had with you designing it ,each time we’re there. We’re quite far from having it finished – stressing now to complete the electrical, so we can have the framing inspection done sometime in January.

We’ll sort out the pictures and send you a few that are representative. Should we do it by email, or any other way?

We would love to meet you again and describe our experience seeing the house being built. You’re more than welcome to come by anytime you’re back to BC. Looking forward to this!

Best wishes!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Daniela & Ciprian
happy owners of a Cyril designed log house ;o)

Daniela & Ciprian – British Columbia

Dear Cyril,

We’re sending you this long overdue note to let you know how grateful we are that we chose you to design our dream log cabin. As you know, selecting vendors from the internet can be hit or miss at the best of times. In your case, we hit it out of the park. From the start, you showed a knack for not just hearing us, but truly listening and understanding what we were hoping to achieve. You gave us the benefit of your vast experience, both with design and with sensibility, to ensure a structurally sound and stunning result. You had no hesitation in liaising with our builder on any point, and despite our numerous requests for changes and last-minute add-ons, you showed great patience, enthusiasm and we always felt confident that we were guided by a professional.

We thank you for everything you’ve done for us and look forward to toasting with you once the cabin is finished.

Yours sincerely, Jen and Elan

Jen & Elan – Ontario

Hi Cyril,

My wife and I dreamed of building a log home a few years ago. After countless hours searching the internet for the right design we finally found RCM. We accidentally found a local log builder who recommended you.

We expressed our ideas to you and you asked us many questions. After hiring you to do our design we received our 1st draft. My wife and I were so excited to see our dream home on paper. After reviewing the drawings we really couldn’t find anything significant that we would change. Cyril nailed it the first time around. I work with many different designers on projects and its very rare when the designer completely translates your ideas the first time around. We were very impressed.

We then decided we would take a trip to meet Cyril and our log builder in person. It was also a good idea to visit Vancouver. Cyril and Markus were so friendly and accommodating. They showed us virtual walk thru’s and how the sun would affect our home in winter and summer. The technology and details were incredible.

Cyril is always available for follow up questions and responded very quickly to requests. It was simply an excellent experience working with you Cyril. Thank you.

Joe and Heather S – New Jersey

If you are reading this, I assume it is because you are contemplating having Cyril with RCM Cad Design and Drafting design your new home. Possibly it would be helpful in making up your mind if you were aware of the experience I had working with Cyril.

I began working with Cyril in March of this year after completing a lengthy search for the log company I wanted to build my vacation home. Cyril was patient, helpful, full of excellent suggestions and a pleasure to work with. On every occasion he followed through with his promises and even went out of his way to help me with more than his job entailed. He’s helped me locate suppliers for the materials I needed to complete my home and frequently offered ideas to help me reduce the cost of my home without sacrificing the look I wanted. While I suppose there is no way to tackle a project of this magnitude without a few missteps, they were truly minor and few in nature and on the rare occasions they did occur, Cyril never made excuses or passed the buck. He simply went about resolving the problem fairly and promptly.

He always returned my calls and I never called when he wasn’t in a good mood and a pleasure to speak with. I don’t know what else you could ask for, but if you still have a concern I could help you with, feel free to drop me a letter and I’ll be happy to try to answer your concerns.

David – New Mexico

I had the pleasure to work with Cyril on the design of a vacation log home. After researching designer candidates, I decided to go with Cyril for the following reasons:

–    Cyril offered the best price
–    Cyril’s web page offered several examples of his work
–    I liked the style of Cyril’s designs
–    Cyril seemed very knowledgeable and answered all my questions

Throughout the design process, I was very pleased with the level of attention Cyril gave to my design. He worked closely with my log supplier, and my engineer. Both were very impressed with the quality and completeness of Cyril’s work. John (my engineer) even said “these are the most complete plans I have ever reviewed.” The plans include lots of additional construction notes and details that are very useful. They also include several drawing sections and a 3 dimensional view of the log walls, roof and supporting structures.

Cyril provides lots of opportunities to make design changes. First, I received the preliminary floor plans for review. Then, once these were modified and approved, I was sent a 3 dimensional model of the house on CD-ROM. After the final plans were printed on vellum and shipped to me. I was still allowed to make changes and corrections for no additional charge. Finally, Cyril worked with the engineer to add local building code details to the drawings and sent the revised drawings for final approval, again for no additional charge.

I have a good friend Dave, who is in the process of building a house. He has not been happy with his architect. When I compare his experience to mine, I realize how good Cyril really is. Dave’s architect was more expensive, was difficult to contact, did not respond to all his questions, charged extra for modifications, did not make all the modifications requested and produced an inferior, less complete set of plans. Now that the plans are complete, Dave does not feel comfortable calling the architect with additional construction questions. On the other hand, I feel very welcome to contact Cyril with additional questions and I know he will respond in a timely fashion.

So, to sum it up, Cyril is an outstanding designer/draftsman, offers excellent customer service and a very  competitive price. I am very happy to recommend him. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about choosing Cyril as your designer/draftsman.


Marty – Colorado