BIMx App

RCM CAD Design uses CAD software from ArchiCAD.  All of our customers can open and view their projects as a 3D virtual reality model simply by downloading the Free BIMx App.  The BIMx App allows you to view your project on mobile, desktop computers and laptops.  The following Youtube video gives a description of BIMx.

BIMx works on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.  For Desktops and laptops, both Windows and MacOS are supported, and for mobile devices, both Google Android and Apple iOS are supported.

To get started simply click one of the buttons below to download the Free BIMx application.

For a step by step guide to using BIMx, watch the following video:

If you would like to try opening one of our log home designs, click below to download a BIMx file and try it on your device.