*Please note: Names and other vital information have either been modified or removed for our clients privacy.*

Dear Cyril and Tyler,

Who says building your own custom log home has to be a headache? On the contrary, it can be an exciting and enjoyable experience.  All you need is one star player on your team. That’s what I found when I was introduced to RCM CAD Design and Drafting by my log contractor.

I  truly do have something to be thankful about because my project could have easily been compromised by bureaucratic zealots and misdirected ancillary consultants, had it not been for Cyril and his crew.

I began with an idea for a modest 2300 square foot home that I wanted to build in the foothills of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. I approached several architects locally, and none wanted to touch my project if logs were involved. Then, despite initial assurances, my plans for a log home were ultimately rejected by a very fussy City Planning Department.  Moreover, the consultants that I later hired to take the project through the city had no real interest in building the type of home I wanted.  They just wanted to finish a “whatever” plan in order to clear me from their plate of responsibilities.

This is where RCM Cad Design and Drafting stepped forward and kept my project and presence of mind on track. The drew my custom log home exactly as I wanted and made suggestions to improve the project. My initial worries that long distance relationship with their Canadian location might be cumbersome proved baseless, as I received my plans with a CD 3 Dimensional prototype within just two weeks of contacting them.  Then, when the city rejected the log home that they had initially drawn for me, and transformed it into a hybrid combining a city-mandated-stucco-structure and an expressive-interior-log-accent-design-with-interior-log-walls.  Their hybrid design really salvaged my dreams and allayed my anxiety.

As my project proceeded, the difference between RCM and everyone else involved in the planning of my home could not have been more stark.  RCM treated me and my project with respect, while the city planners and consultants placed no value on my dreams nor sensitivity for my dilemma.

This is what set RCM apart form all others – their understanding of importance of respect is manifested in many ways.  First, they were always courteous.  Believe me, I made many changes and many phone calls, and they never made me talk to a machine nor did they ever keep me waiting on hold on the telephone. Also, they never made me feel foolish about any of the changes that I made on my plans.  That’s respect!

I always had the feeling that they wanted me to get the kind of home that I really wanted. This showed respect for my dreams. real respect.  And even when I wasn’t sure what I wanted, the made design suggestions that clarified my thinking. My 2300 sq.ft. home expanded to 2800 sq.ft.  They took the time to get me there.

When people listen to you carefully, they show you respect.  This is how the got the details of my house correct. And this is how they got the relationship correct.  And just like a log home, that’s the real thing.

Thanks again.


Eric – Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California

Hello Cyril,

We were so pleased to locate you after going through a previously bad experience with one of the brand name log home companies who offered “design service”. As novice buyers looking to become log home owners, we had to learn the hard way that those so-called design services were far inferior in quality and craftsmanship, limited in scope and were specifically geared toward a design that worked merely for the purpose of buying there logs. It was a costly learning experience, as we spent $1500 on a “design” that was nothing more than a simple AutoCAD layout from an employee of the log home company – NOT a professional designer with the extensive experience as you are. We most appreciated your extensive knowledge of the entire end-to-end process from design to log package to structural engineering to permit application – but most importantly, that you were experienced with handcrafted log home design. We also most appreciated the time you took to meet with us and our builder in person to discuss the details of our home from the perspective of its livability to match our personal lifestyle (comfort AND utility, aesthetic appeal, design elements to maximize the aspects of the property such as the view, etc.) as well as our budget. This kind of personal attention to detail made us feel that you truly cared about the beauty and value of our home as we did – that you were a trusted partner in the evolution of its design.

Happiest of holidays to you and your family!
Best Regards,

Suzanne – WA.

Gemma, Thank you very much for all of your time and professional advice on planning to build & design our Log Home.

We really appreciate it!

I hope you enjoy this book of the Yukon. When we build our Log Home, maybe you will be able to come and see it and visit Whitehorse.

Thank you again

Bob & Val – Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

We were fortunate to find Cyril to design our log home. His sense of design, proportion and aesthetics was remarkably strong and on target, saving us multiple steps of trial and error, and uncertainty.

He readily took our ideas and applied them to create a polished, finished product. His knowledge of the fundamentals of design and construction are impressive and were immensely helpful to us as owner-builders. Cyril exclusively designs log homes, and he was generously forthcoming with helpful suggestions from his extensive knowledge and experience related to this type of construction. His choice of structural engineer to complement his design skills, was also excellent. Together, they made an unbeatable team to successfully navigate us through the challenges of acquiring our building permit. We live in a state where the architectural code requirements made for a long and onerous process to obtain a permit, and both Cyril and his partner Tyler were there for us every step of the way. Our log builder frequently collaborates with Cyril, and could not be more capable, professional, congenial and “getter-doner”, as he calls it. Our cabin turned out exactly how we wanted it and could be comfortable with, and certain aspects of it, such as where the ridgepoles and purlins of the two gables intersect with the trusses, are breathtakingly beautiful in the purity of their geometric lines.

Our design goals and tastes were unusual, and required an unusual degree of sensitivity, imagination, ingenuity and ability to execute. When we did the computerized walk-through of our virtual house, the technology was not only thrilling and magical, but also allowed us to see areas that needed some modification. Throughout this process, Cyril was calm, sensitive, steadfast and available. There were a couple of areas that needed creative solutions, and over the course of three revisions we gradually honed our house down to its final form, with Cyril and his team providing expert and responsive support each step of the way.

Overall, our experience was pleasurable rather than frustrating, as it could have been. We would unhesitatingly recommend Cyril to anyone interested in building a custom log home. His design abilities are exceptionally good, and the implementation is solid and reliable.

Anne and Kent from California

After almost a year of looking at plans we finally had a good idea of what we wanted.  We decided to engage RCM CAD and Cyril to design our cabin based on the quality of work visible on the web.  If you look closely you will see Cyril and RCM CAD’s work all over the web being used by a number of log builders.  From the very first day Cyril was fabulous to work with.  We were looking to design a relatively small cabin that was both functional on the inside and beautiful on the outside from every direction.  Cyril took our ideas and transformed them into something even better than we dreamed.  We had animated drawings of our plans, mostly complete, in less than a week.  It is amazing how close those very first pictures were to the final product.  I can’t imagine the process going any better than it did and would recommend RCM CAD design to anyone.

Best regards

Del and Tammy – Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Cyril, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us in the design of our home. I must say, initially I was a little hesitant to work with you due to the international border, and not knowing whether or not you would be designing to the requirements / codes of the USA and Colorado. There were however no changes required by my local engineer except those generated at my request. The plans made it through the building department in less than three weeks, which is quick for around here.

I would also like to thank you for going out of your way to meet with Bob our log builder. The fact that you were comfortable with him and pleased with the quality of their work went a long way towards alleviating our concern in deciding to use them. You may not be aware of this, but they are currently up to the second floor joist level. Bob called the other day and was very complimentary of the design. He said that not only have people been stopping in and asking questions, but that his crew is also excited about working on this project.

Lastly, thank you for your patience in working with us and for the speed in which you produced the documents. We made three revisions to the floor plans, and still from start to finish, plans in hand, we were under two months.

When you return to this area, (maybe next years Log Home Show) we would like to invite you to stop and see what you helped create. Of course you might still need a hammer……

It has been a pleasure working with you,


Dan & Renee – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Cyril, Thank you so much for the great job you did designing our future home. You helped us put our dream home together. Your personal attention went above and beyond what we could have expected and we really appreciated your advice and expertise.

Thank you again for getting the job done so quickly. You impressed not only us but our lender who didn’t think it was possible to get from idea to blueprints in such a short amount of time.

Thanks again

Chris and Jayna

Dear Cyril, We received your roof plans for our home. As always, your work is superbly crafted and on time. Thank you for such a professional product.

Along those lines, I have to tell you that I was pouring over our house plans today, coloring in flooring, thinking about final lighting, and basically dreaming about what a wonderful home this is going to be. Contemplating the details of our home, it struck me as to what a fine job you did for us. There is hidden creativity everywhere. The architectural interest that you have designed into this home is simple but at the same time nothing short of majestic. The ridge poles, purlins and trusses you integrated into our ceilings alone will give each room the feeling that the ceiling is floating in air. From the outside the home is so balanced, so symmetrical, that it will appear to have grown there. We can’t wait to move in.

Cyril, I have learned through this process that designing and building a log home is not a simple thing. There are structural and mechanical problems that the solid wall of the log home presents that other types of construction do not encounter. You found simple but astute solutions for plumbing problems, window placement, and roof lines that those who tour our home will never see or truly appreciate. I guess that is the hallmark of a great design.

When choosing a log package provider and designer, we were bombarded with offers. Everybody we talked to had the best logs, the best construction, the best designers. We probably visited 20 homes, either finished or under construction. At one time we must have had 200 pounds of brochures and floor plans! I kid you not, it was almost overwhelming. You have made the process easy, enjoyable, rewarding and FUN!

This will be the last house we ever build. When you build something for the rest of your life, it had better be strong and special. This house will be strongly special.

Thanks for everything.

Mark & Elizabeth – Idaho