*Please note: Names and other vital information have either been modified or removed for our clients privacy.*

Dear Cyril:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for allowing our dream of an addition to our log home to be realized. You will remember when we first met, we had just completed two disappointing experiences in a row with “so called” log home designers and were quite frustrated by the process. We are still amazed that you were able to review the situation and create an incredibly beautiful design so quickly and efficiently. You were able to accept the challenges of connecting to an existing log structure and create something that is truly beautiful and buildable.

It is quite uncommon these days to find people who return their phone calls and always do what they say they will do… on time! You and your staff have always excelled at this and helped to make the whole process very enjoyable for us. We particularly appreciated the “can do” attitude when it became necessary to solve difficult issues or keep costs in line. Everyone was always very positive and very responsive.

We cannot thank you enough and look forward to seeing you at our house warming party.

Best wishes for continued success.
Yours truly,

Henry & Lucienne – Mission, B.C.

Mr Courtois, and RCM Cad were outstanding in their interest and enthusiasm for my project. Their attention to detail, and receptiveness to both my questions, and changes were superb.
In today’s society, customer service is an oft mentioned but rarely found trait, in my opinion, their customer service was second to none.
Mr Courtois made himself available at all times to me, I had his work, home, and cabin e-mail addresses, as well as all three phone numbers.
After leaving a message for him, via any one of those contact methods, I rarely waited longer than one hour for a response.

Gemma, one of his business partners, with whom I also dealt was similarly very helpful and available.

I do not have experience with home designers, this being my first foray into building my own home, but by every measure I use in all other aspects of my life, these were excellent people, and an outstanding company to conduct business with.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending RCM Cad design, either to you, or to a member of my own family.

Noel and Elizabeth – Kamloops, B.C.

Cyril, From the start I was skeptical about long distance design services. However, I learned very quickly that what I had to give up on distance was compensated for by your experience, patience, and skill. You took my hand sketched floor plans and got into a CAD schematic in one pass. I was really impressed! Further, what is even more impressive is that the original schematic is not all that different from what was finally drawn and constructed.

Our challenges were many; a daunting county plan approval process, a snow load of 250 pounds/square foot, a small site requiring a vertical 3 story solution, a stacked masonry fireplace, uncommon 18 courses of logs, a project with a budget and a schedule destined for catastrophe.

The original design is still intact. The cabin is beautiful; a true work of art.

You and Gemma served me well and I am very grateful.


Rick – Twin Bridges, CA

We highly recommend RCM Cad Design Drafting Ltd., We tried a reputable design company and got nowhere. So that cost us. Then we went to RCM & they listen to you, find out what you require in a log house, they will also give you some really helpful ideas, to make your log house unique.

We just had a really positive experience designing our log home.

Thanks to Cyril & his crew

Telford Farms – B.C.

Dear Cyril, Cris and I can’t tell you how excited we are about the new home design.

We were so pleased by how fast your first design came to us and by how fast your follow up designs came.  We were very pleased with the design elements you added and the things you straighten out from our original designer.

We can’t thank you enough.  We have ordered our logs and can’t wait to see the finished product.


Jim and Cris – Fishers, Indiana

Hello,  We are nearing the end of the planning stage and are to soon begin the construction phase of our new log home. I’ve spent more than two years researching the Log Home business prior to selecting Cyril of RCM Cad Design to turn our sketches of our dream log home into construction drawings.

Cyril took my architectural sketches and, using his CAD system, turned them into industry standard construction drawings. Along the way he suggested changes to enhance the design both structurally and aesthetically. The structural changes we agreed with and Cyril was very patient and understanding about our reluctance to change some styling elements, i.e. , he did not force his ideas on us.

Our Structural Engineer added very little to Cyril’s work and admired the quality and completeness of Cyril’s drawings.

During the entire design process Cyril was never hard to contact. He responded to my phone messages and E-mails right away. Whenever he had a question regarding our Log Home he was in my face immediately, he never let the design process languish.

I find Cyril very personable and easy to work with. He listens and advises without patronizing.

I would be happy to discuss Cyril’s qualifications with any of his prospective clients and I do not hesitate to recommend him for the design work of your future log home.

Wishing you the best,

Moe – San Francisco, CA.

Cyril and the RCM Team:

Like I have mentioned numerous times, “thanks for the great customer experience”!! RCM really made the design faze of my project fun. You were intuitive, creative, quick and extremely articulate, which is hard to find these days. Even months after design completion you were there with your ideas and recommendations. There is no doubt; our log home on the north shore of Lake Superior will be something we will be very proud of. Thanks again for the wonderful customer experience.

Jay – St.Paul, MN

To Whom It May Concern :

Cyril/RCM Cad Design, just completed a set of plans for our log home. He completed our plans very quickly, with expert detail and cost effectiveness.

I would recommend him to whoever needs plans for a log structure.


Tom – Wenatchee, WA.